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EP5 Perfect match Who’s your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend?

EP5 Perfect match Who’s your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend?


Episode 5 Introduction

Have you ever dreamed of what your Prince Charming or Snow White is like? What are the top traits on your list of your perfect match? In this episode, Tin and Catherine will talk about some of the popular features of ideal partners. Is your top 1 trait on their list? Come check it out!

Wassup NYCU is a podcast in which we share interesting facts about our campus. We look forward to explore different lives in NYCU with you! 

If you have anything to inform us or any advice, feel free to contact us by email at: bmse.emi@gmail.com.

第五集 介紹】


在Wassup NYCU的Podcast節目中,我們會分享校園中的趣事。期待聽眾們與我們一起探索NYCU中不同的生活!