CBMSE Podcast-Wassup NYCU

EP1 What’s in your bag?

EP1 What’s in your bag?


Episode 1 Introduction
“What’s in your bag?” Do you believe that  “You are what you BRING?” In our first episode, our hosts Tin & Catherine introduced themselves by revealing each other’s bags. Let’s get to know them by getting a look of what’s inside of their bags!

Wassup NYCU is a podcast in which we share interesting facts about our campus. Let the “wassup” in our podcast name lead us to find out what is happening in our campus, and we are looking forward to exploring different lives in NYCU with you! 

If you have anything to inform us or any advice, feel free to contact us by email at: bmse.emi@gmail.com.

第一集 介紹】

在Wassup NYCU的Podcast節目中,我們會分享校園中的趣事。透過「wassup」的招呼,帶著我們一起看看在NYCU的校園中有什麼新鮮事,我們也期待聽眾們與我們一起探索NYCU中不同的生活!


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