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EP2 Which one do you prefer? Student cafeteria or 7-11?

EP2 Which one do you prefer? Student cafeteria or 7-11?


Episode 2 Introduction
Have you ever wondered what students eat at school? Do they opt for the student cafeteria or head to 711? In this episode, hosts Tin and Catherine, with their differing opinions, embark on a street interview to explore the dining habits of students at Yangming campus. Let's delve into what their fellow students choose and uncover the factors that influence their dining decisions!
Wassup NYCU is a podcast in which we share interesting facts about our campus. Let the “wassup” in our podcast name lead us to find out what is happening in our campus, and we are looking forward to exploring different lives in NYCU with you!

If you have any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to email us at bmse.emi@gmail.com.

第二集 介紹】


Wassup NYCUPodcast節目中,我們會分享校園中的趣事。透過「wassup」的招呼,帶著我們一起看看在NYCU的校園中有什麼新鮮事,我們也期待聽眾們與我們一起探索NYCU中不同的生活!


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